Speak Life 101: Walk In Your Power

Mia Thornton

Posted on November 21 2017

I went to church on Sunday and heard one of the most powerful sermons that I’ve ever heard before.  It was almost as if the preacher wrote his sermon specifically for me.  He spoke about how sometimes God will allow you to be in an uncomfortable situation or period in your life in order to push you to where you are supposed to be; he called it a “season of attack”.  This year has arguably been one of the most uncomfortable/toughest years of my life.  It motivated me to draw closer to God and to walk in the power that God says that we all have.  As a result of this season in my life, I have chosen to be more aggressive in building my relationship with God and moving towards the vision that  I was given 10 years ago. 


During the sermon when the preacher said (I’m paraphrasing), you shouldn’t be in the same place if God has given you the vision to move and your assignment is beyond where you are now.  This season of uncomfort has definitely put fire under me to move forward and walk in my power.  And so it begins…


If you know you’re supposed to be moving forward, don’t be afraid.  God will supply what you need.  Get moving!



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