Speak Life 101 : How Do You Overcome Disappointment?

Mia Thornton

Posted on December 08 2015

How do you overcome disappointment?  When you are disappointed by your friends, family, or life in general, how do you get over it?

Three steps to overcoming disappointment - Speak Life 101


Over the span of my life, I have had my share of ups and downs. One of the things that has helped me 'rise up' (I still love the Falcons) when faced with challenges is to stay focused on my goals.  When you stay focused on what you want to accomplish, it helps you to keep everything in perspective.  Once you realize that everything will not go your way and that you may have to work hard, or even fight for your goals it becomes par for the course.  Which means that you aren't surprised when challenges arise, you make a mental note of what's going on and realign your thoughts to stay focused on the end goal.  


One 'no', doesn't mean that it's the end of the world, or that you will receive a 'no' from the next person.  One bad experience doesn't mean that you will continue to have bad experiences over the course of your journey.  A friend once told me the importance of managing your expectations. Expect that their will be challenges, that you will be disappointed, but also expect to work through those challenges and understand that everything will work out for your good.  Don't get paralyzed by failure or disappointment. Continue to stay focused on your goals and dreams and you will be able to overcome whatever comes your way.

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