Speak Life 101: Forgiveness

Mia Thornton

Posted on November 03 2015

I recently had the opportunity to 'make up' with a family member of mine.  As family, we don't always get along.  We argue, we might even say some mean things to each other, but in the end, we're still family.  And as my daddy always tells me, you can't pick and choose your folks.  I could have held on to a silly grudge and not put forth the effort to make amends, but another family member helped me to realize that our time is limited here on this earth and tomorrow isn't promised to any of us.  

My cousin and I made up, and it was good for both of us.  We didn't even say a word about what happened in the past, we hugged (for about 10 seconds) and that was it.  No words were necessary.

We celebrated life, we celebrated our family, and above all we celebrated our love.  And there is absolutely nothing better than the love that you have for your family.  'Love covers a multitude of sins.' Never hesitate to forgive and move forward. Let it go and grow!


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  • Mr. Nostrom: November 03, 2015

    I totally agree! Thank you for your encouraging words! #SpeakLife

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