Speak Life 101: Why I Chose to Speak Life - The Follow Through

Mia Thornton

Posted on October 19 2015

After returning to the states, while sitting in my wonderfully appointed beige cubicle, I began to dream. I would dream about the possibilities that were before me.  I would think about what the company would feel like, what the brand would look like, and how people would feel once they learned about it.  I started jotting down my ideas in a notebook, sketching designs for t-shirts, and researching t-shirt lines via the internet. Don't fret, I would get all of my work done for my employer prior to working on my own stuff. But time was of the essence and I needed to devise a plan for my exit strategy from corporate America. 

I came up with the concept for the lips using Word's 'Word Art' and letters.  I thought that what I created was awesome.  I showed it to my dearest friend, who also happened to have her Master's in Art and Art History, and she told me to try again.  It had to be more original, something beautiful and bold. She suggested that I use my own lips.  I went to the drug store and bought the cheapest red lipstick I could find.  Once I got home, I plastered layer upon layer of lip stick onto my lips and I began to kiss blank sheets of paper.  After about 40 tries, I felt like I had enough samples that would work.

I researched several t-shirt companies in San Francisco and opted for one that had an in house graphic artist that could work on turning my vision into reality.  She asked for my preference in colors, and what I wanted it to look like.  I told her that it should be simple, clean, and beautiful.  On her first iteration of the design she came up with several versions. The one that stood out the most to me is posted below.



It was love at first sight. It was personal (after all, those are my lips), clean, beautiful, simple, and it was mine.  My lips were "Speaking Life" literally and physically. My journey began in 2005 and I've been Speaking Life ever since. 

Note to you... never be afraid to dream, and make sure you put in the work to follow each of them.


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